Getting Your Mobile Office

Fixed communications are becoming a thing of the past in the new “on the move” society. "lets go mobile"
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New abilities of “on the move” technology Replaces fixed technologies Reduces infrastructure costs Makes the “out of the office” voice mail message a thing of the past I can make calls from anywhere to anyone and use any of my pre-defined business or personal numbers Crystal clear call quality Instant connectivity Truly mobile

Go Pro, with MyTomchat

MyTomChat, ProPosted by MyTomChat, Admin Fri, January 26, 2018 10:22:21
Welcome to MyTomChat, Pro Version

MyTomChat Pro is designed around the office environment to have multiple mobile devices all on the same billing system & PBX it will give you the ability to leave the office and still be on the phone network allowing you to receive and make calls from your office number and if you need to transfer calls to another member of staff or have them transfer calls to you, ideal for small offices or even the appearance of having an office even if you work out of your car or basement, we also cater for large offices with unlimited numbers and extensions we truly make your office mobile.

Simple setup.

Using your sim & your phone - yes, the one you have will do. Just download the app, Contact us at MyTomChat email and request the upgrade to Pro version & 1 of our operators will call you back & that's it! We'll guide you through the rest.

MyTomChat, Pro

Most advanced GSM dialler available

  • Intelligent call routing
  • Optional Roaming/VoIP modes
  • Full inbound / outbound call handling – PBX Integration
  • Auto extension creation
  • Replicall functionality – Full user configuration & control

Download a quick guide here or see more on our website here

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