Getting Your Mobile Office

Fixed communications are becoming a thing of the past in the new “on the move” society. "lets go mobile"
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New abilities of “on the move” technology Replaces fixed technologies Reduces infrastructure costs Makes the “out of the office” voice mail message a thing of the past I can make calls from anywhere to anyone and use any of my pre-defined business or personal numbers Crystal clear call quality Instant connectivity Truly mobile

Our Hotel Version, at MyTomChat

MyTomChat, HotelPosted by MyTomChat, Admin Sat, January 27, 2018 12:35:06

At MyTomChat we provide a mobile solution to the office phone, with a simple download of the app it will take over the caller feature of your phone when you’re in business mode and be able to make and receive calls to and from your office landline from anywhere in the world making your desk phone obsolete.

"We're daring to cut the cord and get you and your guests on the move"

We also have a Hotel version, this can be made completely bespoke for your business although it is directed at large hotels that want to give their guests the ability to have their room number with them when they leave the hotel also you will be able to add speed dial icons to the app for say the restaurant, poor area or bar there's no limit.

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Simple Configuration

• Web Portal or API’s

– Add guest numbers to rooms

– Multiple guest phones per room

– Identify each guest

– Set checkout time / Deactivate

– No end user configuration

• Internal call control

– Call any guest as room extension

– Receive calls from guests

• External Call Log

– View / Bill all external calls

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